Working with Ewan

Ewan’s clients have often been advised by contractors and other third parties to undertake extensive remedial works in order to preserve their properties.

Clients are normally referred to Ewan by professional agents such as solicitors, surveyors and insurers to ensure these recommendations are scientifically accurate, justified and appropriate.

Scientific approach

Ewan’s role is to provide impartial expert opinion, protecting his clients’ interests by helping them to understand and interpret the accuracy and relevance of the contractors’ advice.

Rather than depending solely on the more traditional approaches often used by industry contractors, as a Registered Scientist Ewan applies a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods and innovative scientific techniques to reach clear and unbiased conclusions for the benefit of all parties.


  • Expert Witness testimony
  • Independent inspections
  • Diagnostic site visits
  • Laboratory testing
  • Surveys and reports
  • Timber treatment analysis
  • Advice on condensation and dampness
  • Expert opinion on timber decay and woodworm infestation