Commercial Dispute

Contractors are increasingly busy these days. A significant problem therefore can be that if you have an issue that requires an urgent repair, there isn’t time to wait. The other problem can be getting contractors to actually turn up and as such, very often the first one that does, obtains the instruction.

I have lost track of the people I’ve spoken to over the years who have felt that something wasn’t right but felt almost bullied into agreeing for work to start – especially with the price. Stock advice is to obtain a written contract, however the first thing to say about this is that the contents of a contract only become relevant if there is a problem. One of the best ways to stop problems is to ask friends and family for recommendations as most contractors want to stay in business and will be sensitive to their reputation.

If this isn’t possible, proper professional independent advice is the simplest and best way to stop: a) too much work happening; b) the wrong work happening; or c) work happening that wasn’t at all necessary. All three are surprisingly common and represent a waste of time and money.

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