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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Much appreciated.
I would have no hesitation in recommending you if I come across anyone in need of your services.

Many thanks and best regards,

AC (Edinburgh)

Ewan’s brand of consultancy combines an extraordinary level of practical professional knowledge with that rare ability to properly listen to and understand the customer’s needs, very often demonstrating a better grasp of those than the customer has themselves.
I have in the past recommended his services to a strategic supplier to HM Government – and would have no hesitation in doing the same again.

RD (Salisbury)

Thank you very much for the report and detailed recommendations. We had a squizz over this last night and certainly would like to talk further about them to you and how serious you believe they are.

CR (London)

Many thanks for getting back to me with your proposed approach.

Do you think you will definitely be able to identify the root cause of what is going here and be able to recommend a course of action to resolve?

I know how highly your work is regarded and your significant expertise in this area, so please do not think I’m questioning this!

It is just we feel like we’ve been round the houses with this to no avail and therefore would like certainty that with proceeding with your assessment and it’s associated cost that we will indeed move forward to getting this issue fixed.

Kind regards

KD (Linlithgow)

Thanks for all the information re my beams. Even although we are 2000km apart, advice is advice.

I’ll let you know how everything goes (and send photos)

Best regards

PS (Tirol)
Kitzbühel | Tirol

Really appreciate your advice and guidance. Your explanation is very clear.

I’ll talk it through with the builder.

Kind regards

B H (Kirkcaldy)

Thank you for your help, and once you have decided what the best fix is, we would be really grateful if you can make contact with the contractor to undertake the works set out in your specification.

JP (Dunfermline)

Many thanks for this detailed email and thanks again for your time on the phone yesterday. Really pleased with the service here and feeling a bit more confident now to start to tackle the issues.

Kind regards,

B G (Aberdour)

Apologies for delay in replying – we have just had the result through and we have been fully cleared of any blame. Your help was much appreciated.

Hope all is well with you and I will no doubt be back in touch in due course.
Best Regards

GS (Glasgow)

Thanks again for the quick turnaround and detailed information, it’s been incredibly helpful.


B K (London)