On-site Services

We provide the following services:

Specific advice to support property surveys and valuations

This very often relates to dampness (in all its various forms) or timber decay. Detailed independent advice is also available on related construction issues.

Full house surveys

Our full house surveys can cover walls, floors, walls, windows, gutters and roofs.

Exterior house surveys

In addition to the above, a popular option is to carry out a drone survey on the exterior of a property. This allows all chimneys, roof coverings and gutters to be photographed in detail. It also allows for an overview flypast of the roof in 4k. This gives lots of information that could never have been possible in the past without huge time and cost.

Condensation and dampness advice

Dampness in buildings comes in many forms, such as damp staining or actual water ingress. The source can be from the windows, the walls, the roof, the gutters, the chimney, the sub-floor, the plumbing or, in a significant number of cases, water vapour condensing on the walls and/or ceilings. We provide advice and recommendations on the control and removal of condensation and general dampness issues.

Independent advice on commercial disputes

To support the resolution of commercial disputes, we can provide detailed and unbiased diagnosis which is almost always at odds with estimates/quotations obtained. This is both essential and invaluable before the possible involvement of solicitors.

Diagnostic equipment to measure moisture

Detailed diagnostic equipment is available which can provide highly accurate moisture content readings in masonry, brickwork and plaster. This as opposed to readings provided by hand-held moisture meters.

Thermographic Surveys

If you want to accurately find out where the expensive heat is currently being lost in your property, we offer a full survey and analysis service.

Using a combination of powerful thermal imaging cameras, a hygrometer (which accurately measure the percentage of water in the air) a wall and air thermometer and a moisture meter, a detailed assessment and picture can be formed. The findings can then be collated into a full report which will contain real world advice as to how to upgrade your property. Retrofitting of insulation is easy to say but only independent specialised advice can tell how this can actually be achieved on a cost-effective basis.

The surveys are completely non-destructive and will assess all the walls, floors, ceilings, windows and doors.

Infrared cameras are highly sensitive and will show the differing temperatures clearly, which can be downloaded and put into the report in photographic form.

There is no one size fits all solution to heat loss and insulation upgrading to properties. Even very similar types of properties in the same street can require significantly differing specifications.

Analysis of walls and roofs

Detailed analysis of the walls and roof areas can then provide the information required to advise on insulation upgrades to all properties.

Reports include, where required, accurate specifications and recommendations which obviate the need for otherwise misdiagnosed and unnecessary treatments. These works are always set out in a form that can easily be used and adhered to by a general building contractor. This results in significant cost savings to clients.