Online & Remote Advice

For problems that you either just cannot obtain advice, or when between contractors, neighbours and even professionals, the information received is often conflicted and you still have the problem, we offer online, independent and detailed help.

Geography is no barrier to advice, as you’ll see from some of our testimonials.

Our remote service allows property owners to have advice such that they can, with confidence, know what works are actually required or have peace of mind that the issue is not nearly as serious as first thought.


Common issues where remote advice can be helpful

The common issues relate to the following:

  • Mould growth – internally or externally.
  • Works that have been carried out which are sub-standard.
  • Works that have been completed, yet the issue isn’t resolved.
  • External problems such as downpipes, walls, render or brickwork.
  • General queries relating to communal repairs, both internal and external. For example, who is legally liable for what?
  • Quotations received for works, in particular, relating to dampness. Will they fix the problem and, as is often the case, is all the work actually required? Once original plater has been removed it is gone forever.
  • Finding out what the actual problem is and what type of contractor is actually required to repair the problem.
  • Miscellaneous building queries where such advice is almost impossible to find without committing to and spending significant sums. This also applies to listed buildings.

We also provide advice relating to let properties, helping resolve questions about what repairs are required and advising on the most cost-effective solutions.

How to access the service

To access the service, please complete the form including contact details and as far as possible outline the issue. Also, if known, highlight the timescales associated with the issue. For example, is the problem recent or long standing and has anything changed.

We ask that photographs be uploaded to the form as follows:

  1. A close-up photograph of the affected area.
  2. A photograph taken further back to encompass the whole room with the problem.
  3. A photograph of the house or building from the street as this will give a good indication of age and house type and constructional methods used.

If you have any quotations or paperwork associated with the problem, this could be copied and included.

All the above will be viewed and on the basis that you can be helped, we will contact you directly with a quotation for a report and advice. The report is normally either one or two pages, and depending on what is required, is around 500-1000 words.

If it transpires that we cannot help, then there will be no charge.